The Office of Diaspora Affairs has been established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to engage the Grenadian Diaspora in national development, by creating opportunities for partnerships between government agencies, the private sector, civil society local communities and the Diaspora communities.

A Diaspora Conference has been slated for 2011 to be followed by a Diaspora Homecoming in 2012. A preparatory meeting will be held on August 5th and 6th, 2010 in St. George’s. All Grenadians in the Diaspora, including community organizations, are invited to attend.

The Government is also seeking to establish a Diaspora Knowledge Network (DKN) of Grenadian citizens to  provide various online tools which will:

  • Help the Office of Diapora Affairs to source and identify the skills and expertise it needs from non-resident Grenadians (NRGs).
  • Facilitate online communications with other NRGs globally.
  • Submit proposals/issues which other NRGs can contribute and assist, depending on their level of skills and interest.
  • Share consultancy projects and other issues in Grenada that require professionals’ advice and guidance which can be received from the vast knowledge network.

REGISTER NOW! to be part of the Diaspora Knowledge Network.  Click here for the registration form and return to info@grenadaembassyusa.org and mbascombe@gmail.com.   For more information, please visit http://www.grenadaconsulate.org

List of Grenadian Associations in the United States

New Jersey
New York

*The Embassy invites all Associations to register with the Embassy and to provide their contact information so that it can be added to this website.