Now accepting credit card payments for the CONSULATE of Grenada, Washington, DC. Please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and email to or include with your application.


Requirements, Processes and Restrictions for Adoption in Grenada
Adoption Brochure

Affidavit – Christian Name Change on Birth Certificate
Affidavit – Correct Date on Birth Certificate

Request for Apostille of Grenadian Document

Birth Certificate
Request for Birth Certificate
Request for Birth Certificate after Name Change on Affidavit
Request for Birth Certificate with Name Insertion on Affidavit

Instructions for Renunciation of Grenadian Citizenship
Application for Renunciation of Grenadian Citizenship
Other Types of Citizenship

Death Certificate
Request for Death Certificate

Deed Poll (Last Name)
Deed Poll Template (Change of Last Name)

Document Verification
Instructions for Document Verification

Emergency Travel Document
Instructions – Application for Emergency Travel Document
Passport Application Form

Human Remains
Instructions – Transport of Human Remains

Marriage Certificates
Request for Marriage Certificate


Passports applications are forwarded to Grenada every Friday by the Embassy.  Once your completed and correct application has been received in its entirety, it takes between two (2) and three (3) weeks from the Friday it is sent to Grenada to be returned to you.

Expedited processing fee is $50.00 (separate money order/certified cheque).  If your request for expedited services along with your completed and correct application is received at the Embassy for the latest by Tuesday, your application will be forwarded same day to Grenada for processing. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE A LETTER DETAILING THE NATURE OF THE RUSH AND WHEN PASSPORT IS NEEDED.

Child of a Grenadian
Instructions – Child of a Grenadian
First Time Applicants Questionnaire (if applicable)
Passport Application Form
Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passports
Instructions – Replacement for Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport
Passport Application Form
Affidavit – Lost/Stolen Passport
First Time Applicants Passport Application
Instructions – First Time Applicants
First Time Applicants Questionnaire
Passport Application Form
Renewal of Passport
Instructions – Passport Renewal
Passport Application Form

Pet Permit
Instructions for Pet Permit
Cat Permit
Dog Permit

Police Certificate of Character
Request for a Police Certificate of Character

Returning Nationals Concessions
Returning Nationals Information
Returning Nationals Concessions Brochure
Returning Grenadian Nationals Declaration
Returning Nationals Check List

Visa Requirements for Grenadians
Countries that Grenadians are Exempt from Acquiring a Visa
Countries that Grenadians Require a Visa to Enter


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